In the News: Our Partnership with the City of San Diego

The University City Parks Council (UCPC) is excited to announce that the Sunburst California art installation at Standley Park, 3585 Governor Drive, has been completed. The artist muralist is Andrew Sanchez and is known by many as the designer of the Summer Concerts and UC Celebration banners, the silhouette street banners, and for his mural on a transformer box on Governor Drive near Genesee.

The artist chose a simple color block design because of the rough texture of the cement brick wall that surrounds the garbage dumpster. The design and colors help to enhance the ever-changing play of sunlight and shadow across its painted surface. In keeping with a public park that invites people of all ages to enjoy its outdoor spaces, the wrap-around design invites movement as the viewer must walk around the structure to see all three sides of Sunburst California.

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