Marketing Tips for 2021

Whether you are a newcomer, or an established business, chances are, you are no stranger to marketing. As the concept of a “entrepreneur” becomes more mainstream, so must the marketing tactics. Here are a few marketing basics that will help launch your next product.

Be Authentic:

When speaking with your audience, authenticity always says wins. Be honest with your claims and make sure your packaging inspires trust. 

Today, your audience wants to have an authentic experience with your brand and the best way to do that is by leading with conversations.

Focus on Community Building:

As the era of launching a product around a national trade show comes to a pause, we have seen many companies successfully pivot to virtual events. These events are critical to community building. Continue to attend these virtual events in order to connect with your audience. 

Community marketing will replace event-based marketing

Digital First

Look for more creative ways to engage customers, and prospects through digital channels. Your Audience is always on the go, so why shouldn’t your marketing? Focus on partnering with delivery apps, and data centric ad partners to expand your reach. 

I see this trend continuing in 2021 as we look for more creative ways to engage customers and prospects through hyper-personalized outreach, high impact direct mail, intimate and interactive virtual experiences, and relevant educational content.

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